In my dojo, when people were learning a new technique, if they said, “I Can’t,” they were made to do push-ups.  This was painful, and was an adverse association with “I Can’t,” and it helped build muscle strength.  Thus the punishment came with positive benefits.  Why punish “I Can’t?”

Because it tells your subconscious that you’re incapable and wires in powerlessness.  It is a form of learned helplessness.  This is behavior that is self-limiting.

What if Trump had believed all the press–“No way can he win.   He will be crushingly defeated.”  “Hillary has the numbers.”  Uh, huh.  Doesn’t matter whether you like Trump or not.  He was the ant moving the rubber tree plant.

Or Helen Keller.  Unable to communicate but became a world renown thinker.  Due to her will and the fact that Ann Sullivan did not give up on her.

When I hear “I Can’t,” I never give up on the student.  It challenges me–and I know “I Can” reach them.

I know this because I’m not just like Ann Sullivan, I’m like Trump and Helen Keller.  I went from a wimp to a Black Belt.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.

I’ve seen how attitude works.  How students who were labeled “uneducable” by their schools came to me and became successful.

So next time you say “I Can’t,” drop and give me twenty.  It will do you good.